Bridging the gender gap... Building a world where women thrive

GWHREI is an LBQ+, sex worker, feminist community-led non-profit organization working to mainstream the rights, wellbeing, and inclusion of diverse women in Nigeria.

Our Vision

A society where women’s rights are respected and protected, with no fear of marginalization, violence, and erasure.

Our Mission

Championing women’s rights and bodily autonomy through a feminist intersectional lens, erasing discrimination on the basis of diversity, including SOGIESC.

Our Approach

As a feminist organization, we adopt a human rights participatory approach across all our programming, recognizing that our communities of women have a central role to play in transforming the society to realize their rights and attain the highest standards of health and wellbeing. To advance this, we improve the capacities of the women we work with and for, through facilitated participatory learning and community accountability mechanism. 

Our engagements prioritize community participation that is inclusive of the most underserved communities of women, encouraging organized action and collaborations, for co-production. We promote power sharing for social transformation, and this trickles down to our needs assessment process and programming for solutions.

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