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National Consultation on Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

Ending Violence Against Women and Girls – GWHREI. 

Hon. Dr Zainab Gimba, member National House of Representatives vice Chair, House Committee on SDGs. She clearly stated how she loves to be in the presence of advocates of VAWG in Nigeria and express that some compliments can be sexual abuse which of course is unacceptable. She explained the issue of silence which is limiting justice. So VAWG should not be tolerated so we can have a society free of violence of any form.

Decades of round table discussion but how can we traveled this:

  • Strengthen Legislation and policy
  • The Media can help especially the social media
  • Campaigns even at institutional and societal  levels
  • Women empowerment in all aspects of life especially politically
  • Educational curriculum should be reviewed to begin to teach child early about women and their rights
  • Atleast 40-50% of men should he involved in gathering like this for women as they can serve as advocate of change, role models by speaking to other men in their gathering as well.

Imagine we have over 360 law makers and only 11 are women representative and her big question is does this represent the proportion of women in Nigeria and can they speak up for the rest of the women in Nigeria. Women needs political representation and we need to continue to encourage them in politics

She expressed how she teaches her son the importance of women on their life, though she doesn’t have a female child but she lets them know nothing is limited to your gender.

Speak up let’s end VAWG TOGETHER!



National Consultation on Ending Violence Against Women and Girls in partnership with International Network To End Violence Against Women and Girls (INEVAWG)

Policies are signed and silenced/not implemented‼️

We have more work to do in order to understand the laws and implement the laws. Having a robust policy awareness and accessibility to the referral areas as well and justice served to perpetrator will effectively end Violence Against Women and Girls in Nigeria.


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